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Established in 1965, Frank J. Dean Co. (FJD) has earned a well-respected reputation for supplying sound and vibration control products in the DC, Maryland, and Northern Virginia area.

FJD has been the major player in this market for over 50 years. It started with Frank Dean and Reid FauntLeRoy in 1965, then John Zurl in 1997, and now AAC Independent, in 2017.

AAC Independent was established in 2016 when Adam Adelsberger became an independent sound and vibration control manufacturer’s representative after 15 years of experience in this field.

  Core Values

  Teamwork -  Humility

                   -  Drive

                   -  People Smart

  Positive Work Environment

  Excellent Customer Experience

To make the world a more peaceful place – from our personal interactions and positive work environment to the control of sound and vibration.

What we do

Our purpose

Why we are different

We provide sound and vibration control products to contractors and owners, as well as advisory services to architects, engineers, and acoustical consultants.

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Our vision


Profitable growth through responsive, reliable customer service, the commitment to provide our customers with the best, employee satisfaction, and continuous improvement and development. 

our mission

  Permission-To-Play Values


  Good Attitude



To provide our customers with superior products and services in an industry that we are passionate about.

Our values

our approach

We differentiate ourselves by using our core values to guide us in our decisions, working hard for our customers, and being the most knowledgeable and attentive representatives in our area. We have knowledge and experience with the top three sound and vibration control manufacturers in the US (Mason Industries, Kinetics Noise Control, and The VMC Group), as well as expertise in their products. 

Both as individuals and as an organization, we reflect our values in our decisions and conduct. We hold ourselves accountable to be in alignment with these values at all times. 

Our Permission-To-Play Values are basic but very important. Our Core Values are what define us and ensure our success.