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Sound Barrier Walls & Enclosures

We will represent only the industry’s best sound control manufacturers with both proven success and distinct plans for continuous improvement, development, and growth into the future. We work with our manufacturers to develop new products and improve current products to meet the demands of our customers and to help simplify installation.

We represent MASON INDUSTRIES, REGUPOL AMERICASHANNON ENTERPRISES, KOCH, Twin City HoseAVL Systems, and also distribute Sound Seal (Industrial, SoundQuality, WoodTrends, MetalTrends,and Impacta), Curbs Plus, and Tri-State Industries. 

Roof Curbs and Rails

Our manufactureRs

Flexible Pipe Connectors (Bellows Type S/S & Rubber)

Sound and Vibration Isolation Floors, Walls, Ceilings, and Foundations
HVAC Vibration Isolation
Inertia Bases, Fan Bases, Roof Curbs, and Rails
Seismic Restraints and Pipe Connectors
Flexible Pipe Connectors, Rubber Expansion Joints, Metal Hose & Bellows

Our products

Decorative Interior Acoustic Products

Mass Loaded Vinyl and Acoustic Pipe/Duct Lagging

Sound and Vibration Isolation Floors and Foundations

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Custom, Reusable Sound Barrier Wraps