Mary Adelsberger

Owner & CEO

Mary is the passion, creativity, and drive behind AAC. With her 15 years of organizational development and sound & vibration control experience, she has built an awesome team. Every person is a team player and an expert in the industry while having the passion to provide you with the best experience possible. She works extremely hard not only for the success of the company, but for the happiness of her team. She has a hand in almost everything we do including assembly and install. 

 In the famous words of Jeb Blount: "Before we do anything we have to review it with Mary."


Adam Adelsberger

Owner & Director of Sales

As a mechanical engineer, machinist, custom designer/fabricator with 20 years in the sound & vibration control field (working with Mason, Kinetics, & VMC), Adam is the brain behind AAC. Adam's favorite part of the job is serving our customers and instills that in all of us.


Little known fact - Adam is a part-time Jimmy Hoffa investigator and he predicts ol Hoffa is in a jacked up floor somewhere in Baltimore.


Jonathan Lininger

HVAC Sales Representative

Jonathan has been on the AAC team since 2018 and has quickly become an expert in HVAC vibration isolation. Jonathan's tenacity, reliability, and accessibility makes him a fan favorite. He says the best part of the job is helping our customers and building long-lasting friendships. He not only strives to be the best everyday, but he mentors others on the team so they can do the same. 

His favorite hobbies are hunting, fishing, golfing, and sunning himself like a cat on the beach while drinking a cold brewski in an AAC koozie.


Ryan Viator

HVAC Sales Representative

As a Texas native, you will find that Ryan has every characteristic of a team player. He is humble, driven, and kind, with exceptional interpersonal skills, allowing him to provide you with an excellent customer experience. Having been in the commercial mechanical field for 10 years, starting as a tech, he is a wealth of knowledge and understands what it is like in the field.


Ryan "Ryborg" Viator is 32% titanium after suffering an accident during a dare with Evil Knievel. Seriously, he can crush you with his pinkie now.


Ron Stonesifer

Logistics Administrator

Starting in 2018, Ron has become an expert on all products AAC. His many years in the logistics field has made him a great asset to our team.  Together with Cindy, he is the reason we can have such a large inventory and can get you what you need, when you need it. You can always rely on Ron. 

After the company Holiday Party of 2018, Ron shipped Chris to the Marshall Islands. It was so funny! Classic Ron.


Chris Gove


Chris started his career in the commercial mechanical field as a tech for Shapiro & Duncan. So when he started as our estimator and bid coordinator he was already in the driver's seat. Chris doesn't just throw numbers out there; he makes sure he has the most complete and accurate estimate as possible to help our customers plan their budget to the best of their ability.

When he's not bidding jobs in the DMV, he's Chris-Crossing the country as a roadie for his hero and mentor Lil Skies.


David Bodnar

Submittal Coordinator

Dave is our chameleon. He can do any task you put in front of him. His creativity, passion, drive, and humility makes him an amazing resource for our team. Although his main focus is submittals, he also is our graphic design/marketing go-to and will pitch in for assembly and install whenever needed.


Cindy Lockard

Sales Administrator

As our most experienced team member, she knows the industry inside and out. Her first and last job ever started 50+ years ago with Frank J. Dean Co. She continues to be a wealth of knowledge and support for the team.


Cindy served as an operative for MI-6 before joining AAC. The 2016 film, The Accountant, was inspired by many of her past missions.


Our Evolution


Our history goes back to 1965, when Frank J. Dean Co. was first established earning a well-respected reputation for supplying sound and vibration control products in DC, Maryland, and Northern Virginia.


Since 2004, we have worked with the  the top three sound and vibration control manufacturers in the US (Mason Industries, Kinetics Noise Control, and The VMC Group), AAC Independent has developed an unparalleled expertise that ensures our customers will receive the most superior sound and vibration control products and services available.


AAC Independent was established in 2016. Then in 2017, we acquired the Frank J. Dean Company.



Today and every day, AAC Independent strives to make the world a more peaceful place – from our personal interactions and collaborative work environment to the control of sound and vibration. We differentiate ourselves by using respect, humility, integrity, and dependability to guide us in our decisions, and to ensure the most positive experience for our customers.​