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Mary Adelsberger

Owner & CEO

Mary is the passion, creativity, and drive behind AAC. With her 15 years of organizational development and sound & vibration control experience, she has built an awesome team. Every person is a team player and an expert in the industry while having the passion to provide you with the best experience possible. She works extremely hard not only for the success of the company, but for the happiness of her team and their pets. She has a hand in almost everything we do including assembly and install. 

 In the famous words of Jeb Blount: "Before we do anything we have to review it with Mary."


Tim Maggi
Isolation Sales Consultant

Tim is one of those people you just feel good around. His gracious attitude and genuine interest in the lives of others makes him a gem to work with. He is here to serve and make your (and our) lives easier. :) 

Tim enjoys probably every outdoor activity there is from soccer to double dutch. Although he may be lighter on the soccer these days after it gave him a pig knee. Never-the-less, he is a diehard soccer guy who now dabbles in golf where pigs are not discriminated against.

(410) 833-9191, Ext 2


Adam Adelsberger
Owner & COO

As a mechanical engineer, machinist, custom designer/fabricator with 20 years in the sound & vibration control field (working with Mason, Kinetics, & VMC), Adam is the brain behind AAC. Adam's favorite part of the job is serving our customers and instills that in all of us.


Little known fact - Adam is a part-time Jimmy Hoffa investigator and he predicts ol Hoffa is in a jacked up floor somewhere in Baltimore.

(410) 833-9191, Ext 3

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Chris Gove
Isolation Sales Consultant

(410) 833-9191, Ext 4

Chris started his career in the commercial mechanical field as a tech for Shapiro & Duncan. So when he started as our estimator  he was already in the driver's seat. He quickly merged onto the interstate speeding his way to HVAC VI Masterland. Chris takes great pride in providing our customers with the most complete and accurate estimate so that they can plan their budget well. However, he gets the most joy from one-on-one client interaction; having the knowledge to help them get what they need. And that is what drew him into his current HVAC VI sales consultant role, while passing the torch off to his old buddy, Edgar.

When he's not thinking about vibration isolation, he's dreaming about it while Chris-Crossing the country as a roadie for his hero and mentor Lil Skies.

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Phil Bucheimer
Isolation Sales Consultant

(410) 833-9191, Ext 7

Phil is a quick witted and easy going fella who is always bringing the laughs to the group. He was a valued asset on the soccer field his entire life and ended playing at a collegiate level before settling down into his family life. Prior to beginning with AACI, he spent majority of his career working as an estimator, project manager and book keeper for the Bucheimer Co General Contracting family business.


As he does with everything in life, he is excited to provide a perfected service and value to our customers!

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James Chapin
Isolation Sales Assistant

James is a utility tool for us behind the scenes. He has a desire to learn and help support the company in any way possible. As a young professional he is striving to provide the best customer service to our customers.


Outside of work, James spends his time in the gym! His dedication to his craft has helped him form discipline and achieve results. He enjoys a good laugh with the crew in the office, even if it’s sometimes at his expense.


David Bodnar
Submittal Coordinator

Dave is our chameleon. He can do any task you put in front of him. His creativity, passion, drive, and humility makes him an amazing resource for our team. Although his main focus is submittals, he also is our graphic design/marketing go-to and will pitch in for assembly and install whenever needed.

(410) 833-9191, Ext 5

AARON 2_edited.jpg

Aaron Adelsberger
Logistics Coordinator & Fabricator

Aaron has been a behind-the-scenes fabricator for us for many years prior to formerly joining our team. He has been running large fabrication plants for almost 2 decades. He loves taking care of his machines almost as much as his 101 domestic short hairs.

"There's almost right, right, and exactly right," as he likes to say. Fortunately for our customers, we are harnessing this level of OCD and putting it into our service and products.

There is no person on our team that creates quite the juxtaposition as Aaron. So gentle and kind, yet large and tatted up. One minute he will be whispering to a kitty and the next liquifying some metal.

(410) 833-9191, Ext 6


Edgar Vallarades

Ol' Edgar... Well Edgar is a DJ, choreographer, graphic designer, mixologist and, oh by the way, is also a commercial HVAC journeyman and teacher, HVAC and HVAC VI estimator. Who knows; he may be a Ravens cheerleader too. He previously was a part of the Shapiro & Duncan family for over a decade and that is where he met his buddy, Chris Gove. 

Pretty funny mix! He is one the friendliest and easy-going people you will ever meet. Well, there are actually a few people on our team like that. We are a lucky team, for sure.

  • Deena Duke

Deena Duke
Isolation Coordinator & Consultant

Deena is our jack of all trades and a master of.... everything.   You will see her in almost every role in our company. She is that good. With smile and a skip she is ready to jump in and help with anything, at any time. This is exactly how her friend, Darrin, described her (minus maybe the skipping) when he had worked with her for over a decade at JCM where she was born and raised. 

Her favorite past time is sitting on a vintage sofa by a campfire in the West Virginia Mountains with some good ol' friends drinking a Mich Ultra. 

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